Features and functionality

Our software allows you to send SMS messages in any volume with virtually no delays through a high-bandwidth channel. Sending traffic and offers to customers takes a few seconds and requires virtually no effort from the sender. Only in the last few years through our software over a billion messages have been sent:

Channel bandwidth, SMS / sec.
Accessibility and clarity of the interface
Qualified support

What does the client get?

The platform for sending SMS includes a number of modules and solutions with well-thought-out functionality, including:

A cloud-based SMS platform adapted for doing bulk SMS business:
  • fully managed platform: no engineering support required;
  • turnkey cloud-based solution: managing pricing, routing, billing and errors;
  • functionality is available without purchasing and maintaining equipment;
  • unlimited license: any number of connections from suppliers, customers, resellers, users, pricing plans;
  • Multi-user support for resellers and customers.
Modern and user-friendly web portal for complete SMS business management:
  • Easy to use from any device and OS;
  • built-in client and user management;
  • flexible configuration of user access and capabilities;
  • unlimited number of resellers;
  • White-label, corporate interface and brand support.
Tariff plan manager for managing prices and tariffs 'in one click':
  • Quick and easy price management;
  • create standard and individual pricing plans or according to the requirements of your customers;
  • use several pricing plans for one client;
  • automatic notifications for customers about price changes;
  • pricing based on MCC MNC, number code, sender ID;
  • automatic processing of providers' price lists.
Powerful and feature-rich routing editor:
  • Routing changes are applied in less than 10 seconds;
  • MNP / HLR based routing for fast messaging;
  • load balancing across multiple providers and channels;
  • flexible routing settings: based on sender ID, CLI, message content, message recipient;
  • Routing priorities for time-critical traffic.
MNP Routing:
  • Bandwidth up to 1,000 requests per second;
  • solutions for providing MNP to your customers: API for queries, usage reports for billing;
  • built-in connectivity with extensive MNP support;
  • connection of additional MNP and HLR providers;
  • local MNP database for one or more countries;
  • database updates from a remote source (for example, SFTP);
  • API for external data providers and caching of query results;
  • support for both local and external databases from third party vendors;
  • you can configure the backup data source for each route;
  • support for HTTPS, SMPP
  • dynamic templates for routing based on cost, margin, volume and quality of the channel;
  • Several options for testing the route.
Control the flow of outgoing and incoming messages:
  • Priority control: setting the delivery priority for each pricing plan or connection, for SMS and MNP;
  • queue management: buffered SMS can be paused, restarted, prioritized, redirected and rejected;
  • control of incoming and outgoing SMS;
  • DLR is processed separately and does not affect SMS traffic;
  • retries based on error codes and routing rules;
  • asynchronous message processing for fast delivery;
  • setting the bandwidth in SMS / sec.
Objectively evaluate business performance based on real numbers:
  • Detailed reporting in real time;
  • complex presentation of statistics;
  • graphical presentation of results with interactive charts;
  • detailed filtering settings with a high degree of detail;
  • continuous data collection;
  • dozens of statistical slices, grouped by different time periods;
  • function for comparing statistical data for different periods;
  • intuitive interface with instant response.
Automatic and manual generation of reports with sending to e-mail:
  • Quick and customized export of detailed CDRs;
  • traffic analysis with flexible data filtering functions;
  • data export to Excel / CSV for further processing;
  • data export via upload or FTP to FTP client account;
  • Scheduled e-mail reports.
Real-time billing for postpaid and prepaid connections:
  • Multiple balances and billing accounts per business partner;
  • credit management and balance and overdraft alerts;
  • support for multiple currencies, languages and time zones;
  • easy integration with your company's billing system via CDR;
  • CDR delivery by email or scheduled upload to FTP server;
  • Possibility to connect an existing billing platform.
Automated invoice and payment management:
  • automatic invoicing of clients;
  • setting up the delivery channel (e-mail, hard copy);
  • fast and easy credit top up with automatic billing;
  • individual terms of payment and discounts;
  • custom billing templates;
  • billing for P2P and various types of A2P based on templates;
  • prepaid and postpaid support;
  • billing schedule set up;
  • API for integration with your financial system.
Comprehensive SMS message checker, including:
  • DLR testing;
  • HLR / MNP testing;
  • custom test suite for SIM cards: create your own complete test system by configuring your own SIM modems;
  • Support for third-party testing solutions.
Filter messages and block spam using:
  • Spam filter: detects and blocks spam messages;
  • destination filter: SMS filtering based on recipient lists;
  • outbound filter: SMS filtering based on sender ID and CLI list;
  • content filter: SMS filtering based on the message text;
  • custom filter: SMS can be filtered according to your rules;
  • 'gray lists' for manual moderation.
Highly secure and safe platform:
  • Data is hosted on servers in Europe;
  • Trusted IP connections, only selected IPs can connect to the platform;
  • HTTP (s) and VPN connection on demand;
  • Full backup.
The service is available anytime, anywhere:
  • Reliable cloud-based infrastructure;
  • fallback SMS platform: 99.99% availability;
  • actual channel bandwidth ~ 5000 SMS per second;
  • increased bandwidth through additional routing servers;
  • automatic reconnection when errors occur.
The platform is constantly being improved and updated:
  • All SMS functions are supported;
  • Supplier SMS Protocols: SMPP, SMPP over SSL;
  • Client SMS protocols: SMPP, SMPP over SSL, http, https;
  • Support binary SMS like WAP Push, vCard;
  • Support of all character sets: GSM 03.38, 16-bit Unicode (Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic);
  • MNP support: support for ported numbers for maximum delivery. A solution that provides a convenient way to work with NP data for internal use by aggregators or for resale to third parties.

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