Advantages of Interconnect SMS Platform

The SMS platform differs from competitors in a number of advantages that any business owner using SMS will appreciate. Among them:

  • full automation of business processes;
  • clear and simple interface;
  • all-in-one package solution;
  • optimization of costs for promotion and customer search;
  • effective tools to boost sales.
  • full management - functionality without third-party software and solutions;
  • intuitive interface;
  • solutions for sales, support, financial operations;
  • a set of analytical tools for assessing business performance.
  • Detailed dynamic reports on all business processes;
  • functions for obtaining detailed data;
  • automatic sending of reports to e-mail;
  • loaded CDRs.
  • Organization of SMS-mailings to increase sales, reach and increase profits;
  • provision of ready-made solutions and functions under White-label for third-party companies and brands;
  • cloud infrastructure on the InterConnect server without the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment;
  • maximizing revenues through flexible routing and filter settings;
  • full compatibility with various protocols and client devices;
  • reduction of operating costs due to efficient and automated process management;
  • all business functionality is always at hand and ready to launch right now.
  • A2P, P2A and P2P messages;
  • via SMPP and HTTPS protocols
  • different routing methods (ID, content, recipients, etc.);
  • priority levels for mailings to different recipients;
  • packet routing;
  • dynamic route update.
  • Margin tracking and quick price update functions;
  • flexible settings of pricing plans for customers;
  • negative yield warning;
  • automatic notification of tariff changes;
  • built-in billing and auto-billing in real time;
  • flexible settings for rates, discounts and promotional offers;
  • credit management with overdraft warning;
  • as a result, reduction of operating costs.

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